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Get The Benefits Of A Retinol Without The Sensitivity

Get The Benefits Of A Retinol Without The Sensitivity

Intelligent Elixirs is a clean, clinical, cruelty-free, product line formulated with scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients to nourish and foster healthy skin at a reasonable price point.

Retinols and retinol-like products are beneficial because they help increase cellular renewal, promote collagen and brighten the skin. However, there are often adverse side effects to retinols because they can make the skin red, sensitive and flaky.

The Botanical A Night Serum provides the same benefits as a retinol by increasing cellular turnover and collagen synthesis, but without the adverse effects.  This nighttime recovery serum also energizes skin cells to keep skin more vibrant and glowing throughout the day. 

Botanical A Night Serum

Key Ingredients & How They Work:

Vit A Like - Similar to a retinol, clinical studies have shown it helps with epidermal renewal as well as strengthening the dermis by promoting collagen synthesis resulting in smoother, brighter skin.  Additionally, it offers a better stability and no irritation, redness or flaking.

Revitalin -  Studies have shown that Revitalin boosts cells daily energy when the skin needs it most to keep skin glowing and energized throughout the day. 

Carnosine -  A naturally occurring amino acid combination that provides exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Studies also suggest that carnosine may also guard against glycation.

Use: Apply 1 pump to clean, dry skin in the PM follow with moisturizer. Apply daily for optimum benefits. 

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