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Clean, clinically driven, cruelty-free

After years of extensive research and product development in both the physician and spa markets, we were inspired to create a product line for the consumer marketplace that performs on the same level as professional products, but with ingredients that are clean, refined and non-toxic. intelligent elixirs has identified key ingredients that are not only potent and efficacious in maintaining healthy youthful skin; they better manage and help curb the signs of aging. We like to think of it as nature’s alchemy with a cutting-edge.

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The Story

With a combined 36 years of creating products for the professional marketplace, we were inspired to create a collection of products that delivered the results of a professional product line with clean, cruelty-free, clinically driven products at a reasonable price point.

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The Science

There are 3 key elements that contribute to aging skin; Intrinsic factors, Free Radical Damage and Systemic Inflammation. Our products are formulated to address these key elements to keep skin healthy and vibrant.

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