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Tips For Being Healthy & Staying Motivated From Fitness Expert Teddi Bryant

Tips For Being Healthy & Staying Motivated From Fitness Expert Teddi Bryant

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Teddi Bryant, fitness expert and founder of Hot Mamas to chat about weight loss, getting fit and how she stays motivated.


i|e - What is your most frequently asked question? 

TB:  "How do I lose 10 pounds?"

i|e - And what do you recommend?

TB:  The simple answer is exercise & diet, and although everyone is different, these are fundamentals that work. 

Be Patient

TB: “It took time to gain the weight and it will take time to lose it. I often see people who give up on themselves, they think – ‘it’s too hard to lose the weight’. It’s about committing to yourself – you have to do it for you.   Your mind, your body and your efforts are what makes the difference.   It’s not as much about your appearance as feeling good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself the appearance will follow.  Don't give up on yourself."

Manage Stress

TB: “If you are stressed and not getting enough sleep it increases cortisol levels. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that regulates a wide range of functions in our bodies, including metabolism. Raised levels of cortisol can contribute to weight gain and a bloated tummy.”

Create New Habits

TB: "To lose weight you need to create and commit to new exercise and diet habits."

Teddi’s Suggested Diet & Exercise Habits

  • Diet - "Cut sugar & gluten.   Sugar and gluten spike blood sugar, which creates insulin throughout your body and over time, will encourage fat to accumulate, particularly around your middle. I am not anti-gluten and sugar, I just know that when you cut them out it causes change. And sugar is in everything."
  • Exercise - "I’d recommend 3-4 times a week for 45-60 mins."    

i|e – When did you start exercising?

TB: “My dad started sneaking me into his gym when I was 9.   I was athletic all through school, I was in track, swimming , skiing -- you name it as long as it didn’t involve a ball. My hand-eye coordination isn’t so great, ha!”

i|e -When did you become a fitness instructor?

TB: “1988. I started as a personal trainer and then eventually started teaching group classes. "

i|e -What is special about teaching?

TB: “I love to help people be their best. I use to only do personal training but soon realized I could help more people in group classes. There is magic that happens with a group and doing things together. In a group setting everyone can motivate each other to reach their potential.   I also love being in front of a group and performing – I was in in musical theater and sang in my church all through high school and college."

"There is magic that happens with a group and doing things together"


Summer Red Rocks workout

i|e - How do you stay motivated?

TB: “I’m motivated to feel good and moving my body everyday helps. As we age our bodies change and our capabilities change, which can be hard to make peace with.  It helps mentally and also physically, there's science behind it.  Moving helps keep your joints lubricated."  

i|e - What do you want your clients to get out of your classes?

TB: "I try to bring in mindfulness in addition to the physical aspect of exercising and staying fit.  We can all be ‘better’ but mentally you have to be in a place of acceptance and being ok with yourself.....but then still wanting to improve. It's hard to improve if you don’t love and accept yourself."    

"I also want them to have the whole experience of feeling welcome, excited and motivated to take on whatever I throw out there and then to be excited and motivated for the next workout.  Your mind and your efforts are what make the difference."

Left to right: Alissa Gold Joblon, Teddi Bryant, Myrna Jeong, Rebecca Kanov, Julie Lewis.

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Thanks for sharing with us Teddi!!

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