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L-Ascorbic Acid (a.k.a. Vitamin C) the Anti-aging Secret Weapon

L-Ascorbic Acid (a.k.a. Vitamin C) the Anti-aging Secret Weapon

Intelligent Elixirs is a clean, non-toxic product line clinically formulated with scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients to nourish and foster healthy skin at a reasonable price point.

Collagen. It’s not just a buzzword. If you want healthy, youthful looking skin- collagen is the ticket.

Collagen makes up approximately 80% of our dermis and provides structure to the epidermis, the outer layer of our skin. 

As we age however the regenerative functions of our cells begin to slow and perform less efficiently.  Collagen fibers and the skins ability to heal and retain moisture decrease, resulting in the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and loss of elasticity.


Why Vitamin C ?

Humans do not produce Vitamin C naturally. Vitamin C is essential for the growth of collagen, a key protein used to make skin and essential for wound healing and growth and repair of tissue.  Applying topically delivers 20x's more Vitamin C to your skin vs. taking it internally.  Additionally, Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants so it protects our skin while also promoting collagen, the primary support system of our skin.  

Applying Vitamin C topically once daily is the most effective way to protect, repair and restore your skin. Applying Vitamin C daily is just like taking a daily vitamin or supplement.  You do it daily because it supports your overall health - it's that simple.

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Wishing you clean and healthy beauty-

Cat & Mary

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Karen Bradley

I recently purchased your Vitamin C. I have been using 3-4 drops daily, but wasn’t sure if that is too much or not enough. Please let me know how much I should be using each morning. Thank you.

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